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Cool cover one

When you discover a song that you like it’s pretty cool, right? But what about when you discover that the song you like is a cover and that it has a completely different story from the one you had been playing in your head for maybe years? I love it! You can start making new comparisons and wonder why and how one artist influenced another, that is why I will be sharing my ‘covers discoveries’ on fogliettini.

My first choice is a track by an artist who had an influence on probably all of the musicians I regularly listen to. The original song is a relatively recent discovery for me; however, I had been listening to the cover for ages before finding out its genesis. Well, here is it, first the original and then the cover: it’s “Both sides, now” by Joni Mitchell, written in 1967. It originally presented itself to me as the song “Clouds” by Hole, from the 1991 album “Pretty on the Inside”. Artists have been covering this Joni Mitchell’s song for decades and finally I got it! It took me a while, but it was worth it! Enjoy.

And here is the very different sound of the cover by Hole:


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  1. gavri says:

    funny, this is the version I know:

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