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fennel & red chicory salad

Ah food! Lovely food!

When it comes to cooking, I really like to improvise and create my own recipes. At home, I try to follow a few principles:

- be healthy, because eating out is not always so, and we eat out a lot;

- keep it simple;

- use seasonal and local food as much as possible. I always check UK food seasonality here (wonderful blog);

- use as little meat as possible (we get plenty of it in London’s restaurants);

- be creative.

I recently prepared this nice little salad for my own pleasure. It’s quick and easy and very crunchy.

fennel & red chicory salad

Ingredients: fennel, red chicory, extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and freshly ground pepper.

With salads, proportions and quantities really depend on your taste; in the picture above you can see half a fennel and a whole bunch of red chicory (which is quite small compared to other salads). When you choose your fennel, pick fresh and round ones as they taste better in salads. Make sure you cut you veggies thinly, this helps blending their flavour with the dressing’s.

Dressing: in Italy there is a motto that says that you need a wise man to dress the salad and a mad man to mix it, so you can go schizophrenic for a little while and make sure that you add a little salt, then a little vinegar (balsamic is always great as well), a little more olive oil and some pepper to give it a great final touch and taste!

This is a delicious autumn salad, I had it with warm bread and goat cheese, but it’s going to be delicious with any strong flavoured cheese or as a light side to chicken.

Buon appetito and see you soon for more anglo-italian recipes!


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