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Homemade afternoon drink – and it’s caffeine free

It’s cold and damp outside, I have the rest of the working afternoon in front on me and I need a hot drink. Moreover,  I would prefer my drink to be caffeine free because I already had a tea and a coffee today… Oh dear, what shall I do?

30 seconds of thinking hard…

I have lime, I have ginger, I have honey, I have a kettle! It’s time for an experiment. Et voilà:



























This is good! I prepare a cup of hot water and add: a big slice of lime, two small slices of ginger cut into pieces, a teaspoon of honey. Drink is done!

Overall the taste is more delicate than expected; next time I will add more ginger and it will be perfect. The combination of zesty, ginger and sweet is very pleasant. I’m pretty sure lemon would also work well instead of the lime. Easy and soothing on a cold January afternoon. Enjoy.


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  1. Laura Bellintani says:

    What about a little fresh mint? :)

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