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New Year New Soap (Aleppo Soap)

The things you can find in a cupboard!

During my Christmas holiday, I saw a rough looking soap in the bathroom’s cupboard and found out it was something my dad recently bought in France. It turns out this is not just a soap bar, but a piece of Aleppo soap.

Savon d’Alep: I knew nothing about it, but apparently it’s one of the best soaps you can buy, fact. It’s a completely natural product and it has been made in exactly the same way for centuries.

Its two main ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil. It’s an ancient soap made with an old recipe and it comes from a Syrian region, Aleppo, hence the name.

I tried it (obviously!) as I was originally rummaging my parents’ bathroom in order to find something for dry skin and I was quite impressed. I used it to wash my face and it felt very gentle: I didn’t get that super-dry-from-aggressive-soap feeling afterwards and the scent is very delicate.

I got curious about it and found some good information on Wikipedia (where my images come from), the skin properties section is quite amazing. The soap is also recommended for skins irritated by dermatitis and can be used as shampoo.

If you also like the idea of using a natural, environment friendly soap that keeps ancient traditions alive  you might also enjoy this video about how this incredible soap is made: just the process in itself is worth watching, it’s in French but images are very eloquent.

I am still not sure about where you can buy this in London, but fear not! It can be easily ordered online from websites that will provide additional info on this wonderful soap. You can also order it from Amazon.

Happy washing!

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  1. carole says:

    Here is where you can buy in the UK. The Laurel strength goes up to 50%

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